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loyalty card

loyalty business

Start growing your business with This Great City Loyalty System Today!

Why This Great City Loyalty

  • Low buy-in,
  • Pay once, enjoy the benefits for one full year.
  • Better incentive model than other loyalty systems,
  • Less expensive than Yellow Pages,
  • Associate with a positive network of local consumers and businesses,
  • Targeted networking opportunities.
  • Company landing page
  • Company shoot included
  • Testimonial video included for TGC Council members
  • Page fully optimized for search engines

Say yes to Loyalty!

Why Loyalty?

  • Customer acquisition is more expensive than retention.
  • Small improvements in retention through building loyalty can yield great returns.

Following loyalty best practices can help deliver more than 15% in annual  improvement in return on gross revenues, customer retention rates and up to 30% in  new customer acquisition.

Make your  revenue grow by motivating your prospects!

A major part of the success of This Great City’s Interactive Loyalty System is the incentive.  Motivating your prospects through an established loyalty incentive that they can count on will  impact your growth. Your prospects and customers have no need to have a card punched or  present a coupon. Simply present their loyalty card. That Simple!